As always inspired by reality - new uplifting comic in Kutlul No13 is out! Buy it here:www.dirksbigbunnies.com/product-category/books/ or here: https://www.instagram.com/joosthalbertsma/ (via DM) or in some comicstores in Berlin and Amsterdam



Nach diesem etwas chaotischen Jahr, dem sicher noch ein weiteres folgen wird, freue ich mich umso mehr, daß solch ein schönes, spannendes und lustiges Heft als Abschluß des Comicschreibkurses bei Renate entstanden ist! Es kann hier in ganzer Länge betrachtet werden:

 Viel Freude beim Lesen! :)

Again a year as every year is over and also this year I contributed a short comic to the new Kutlul#12 edited by Dirk Verschure and Joost Halbertsma. I think, it`s one of the 2 coolest Comicfanzines in Berlin. The other one is Ethical Sloth. Since I have been part of those 2 mags now, I think, that means I`m cool. I also think, that one can measure the  coolness of a zine by the degree of difficulty to purchase them, since it is nearly impossible to get hold of one of those. Much fun finding out, where one can buy this! ;)

Fuck No! Hell yes! The titel phrase of the new "Kutlul" magazine might describe quite well the perils of making a Comiczine. So this is now the 9 and a halfthst issue and I am very happy to be part of it, as I know it`s a lot work for the zine-makers with not much in reward. I contributed (as Oleg Orsolya) a one-pager, that is not yet published elsewhere.

- new website (please look around!) and new comics in the making. The picture above shows a small part of a new short-comic (11pages) which is about summer, friendship and psychological horror.

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